My Favourite Podcasts From 2022 With Reviews

Thomas A. Fink™
4 min readJan 7


I was never really a podcast sort of guy and I don’t even know if I ever opened the app on my iPhone before 2022. What did for me was finally turning down the knob a bit on the amount of music I consumed throughout the day making more time. Also more of my favourite YouTube shows began offering podcast services. This was fantastic because it allowed me to use less data volume whenever I was on the move and using my mobile devices.


For the first spot on my list I’ve chosen the Podcast that I believe benefited me the most financially. Truth or Scepticism with Tom Sosnoff and Dylan Ratigan from tastytrade now tastylive. They have given me a unique new depth on market function namely on randomness and putting the outlier events into context. I will definitely be using more tasty products in 2023. They seem to be the most customer orientated brokerage service I’ve ever stumbled upon. (Weekly Podcast)


If you’re looking for an extraordinary fresh breath of air in science and the cosmos, if you’re bored of the same old space documentaries,–then I recommend John Michael Godier’s physics podcast Event Horizon. He has touched on so many topics in his interviews with academics and has just completely captivated my fascination. Although lately he’s had Avi Loeb on his show a bit too often for my taste, he still earned the second most frequented podcast from me. The bonus is you can fall asleep while listening. (Weekly Podcast)


Next to focus on my career and to uncover a more in-depth understanding of American academia and business I listened extensively to No Mercy No Malice featuring Scott Galloway. Scott also frequently touches on men’s issues. I think that’s imperative for all young men to find authentic online mentors who aren’t grifters. Scott is that authentic personality and also another person through which to view markets.


I’ve been following the fraud in crypto since about 2017. I mostly enjoy it for a good laugh and entertainment. Learning about fraud has guided me from escaping the traps of finance related ideologue. Cas Piancey and Bennett Tomlin are probably the most extensively versed in understanding crypto and best researched. They’ve had miraculous success with their podcast Crypto Critics’ Corner after the crypto collapse last year. Out of all the people in crypto these are the guys I know for sure kept their ethics and integrity. They deserve more interviews and attention from the mainstream for their consistency and outstanding work. If you’re gambling in crypto they will save you lots of money. Hopefully I’ll finally take a trip out to California to meet them later this year.


Finally I enjoy going back in time to our planet’s history. Diving through the eras of palaeontology and evolution I recommend PBS Eons. They offer episodes over a specific extinct species or climatic events in Earth’s history. It’s always interesting to contemplate how drastically alien our planet’s history has been. Unfortunately they only offered a small segment as Podcast format, but I hope they bring more this year. So that’s something to watchout for.

These were my top five favourites from 2023. I don’t remember listening to many other podcasts. I do listen to many business interviews. I want to put in a final word for Mark Dow’s blog/private Twitter feed Behavioural Macro. He’s really a market wizard and I’m astonished how few subs there are. He’s taught me more than anyone on markets over the past three years.

What were your favourite podcasts in 2022? Comment below and let me know and happy new podcasting year!!



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