During times of crises Americans used to rally behind their president. They no longer do. Americans unified around 911, but it is now clear they will never come together to fight the pandemic. With one final push, the US could reach 60–70 percent vaccination, while the rest of the developed…

A most powerful motivator to explain why people vote and invest the way that they do is nostalgia. They want to relive a youthful moment from an era or social structure that will never return.

Nostalgia denotes that you have no promising future. You have no exuberant exhilarating discoveries left to uncover. You’re basically already dead inside accepting your existence the way it already is.

Being open minded means living past your time and embracing change. Forward thinking is the foundation for evolution. Failure to do so will result in permanent desertion, and bitterness.

“Donald Trump is greeted by President Ronald Reagan at 1987 White House reception.”

Millions of Americans were conned into believing Donald Trump was the “return” of Ronald Reagan. Perhaps this is America’s midlife crisis.

Berlin TV Tower from when I was last in Berlin. View from the Bundestag (Parlament).
  1. You will need B1+/B2 level german to attend a Studienkolleg. You will need C2 level german to attend most Hochschulen( Colleges). and Universities. B1+/B2 is the equivalent of AP German in high school. C2 is the proficiency level after completing a Studienkolleg. …

Mind me, deficits do matter, but not at this critical moment…

Who wouldn’t want to finally end the deadlock and redesign our infrastructure for the needs of the 21st century? Georgia could be a final tale of the two Americas. The question remains whether one side will finally acquires enough…

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